13 Feb 2021
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The Weather is Going to Change, do You have Your Compass, Anchor, and Action Plan Ready?

Here’s the thing about the weather… it changes. 

It’s also a bit unpredictable. 

Even after years and years of deepening knowledge, understanding, and advancing technologies.. predicting the weather is still without complete certainty. I mean shouldn’t we have figured this out by now? How can that pop-up shower just “pop-up” and be a surprise? And what’s with that deep freeze for days when it was just supposed to be a passing front? Did that “high pressure system moving through the area with a 50% chance of rain” just turn into a raging hail storm?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What’s with the surprises? Aren’t we better than this? ?

But seriously. We aren’t. 

And that’s okay. 

The weather rolls in. We adjust. We go. 

We don’t order these changes up, we don’t have them in our plans, nor do we ask for the ripple effect that occurs when they happen. But we do adjust for the change. We dress differently, we plan differently, we buy differently. We gear up with umbrellas, shovels, hats, boots, swim gear, sun gear, winter gear, etc. And the bigger, faster and more fierce that weather change may be.. the bigger, faster and more fierce we react, change, make calls, check on people, drop things, get things, move to different parts of the house, move to different parts of the country, hunker down, rise up, leave town or maybe (when it’s the right kind of change).. we simply get our tan on and hit the beach! 

Point is, the weather changes, often unpredictability, and we react. Many times without even thinking. Auto-pilot just kicks in and we do what we do.

And there I was…

For those of you who have been tracking closely with us over here, you know our weather changed somewhat drastically on February 1st. With a deep freeze of snow and ice settling in outside, there I stood in the sudden chaotic inside watching the squad come screaming in and paramedics carefully rushing over my ice covered porch to get in. In short order they administered stabilizing help and then got everyone out as quickly as possible. 

Now I was watching from my front window as they headed into the piercing cold air while purposefully, but carefully, navigating the stretcher where Alicia was secured, covered and completely out. The wheels of the gurney couldn’t handle the ice or snow well, so the squad moved closer as the emergency team quickly loaded her in. The lights flashed. The siren sounded. Then they were gone. The weather had changed. 

The year started strong, fresh and new. The weather was incredible, enjoyable. We had an open-handed plan, new business streaming in and many new and interesting people coming into our lives. So much had happened so fast. So much opportunity to come alongside others and spend time getting to know them while also helping give life to their plans, their hopes, their dreams. So much goodness helping so many people navigate forward to explore, discover and unleash what’s next. That’s what we do. That’s what we love. That’s the Spark. And others were starting to join us to do the same. 

Then I was dialing 911. 

The juggling act of new friends, new business, new life and new goodness had been exhilarating. The juggling act with the sudden change of conditions dropped an instant heaviness of concern along with a fog that confused, slowed and made it hard to see. The rain and cloud induced darkness was steadily settling in. The very real deep freeze outside was incessantly creeping inside. Taking hold. Paralyzing. Individual days started feeling like long weeks. Weeks were taking the toll that months typically do. You know how this is. You’ve felt it before. It happens. The weather rolls. The wind rushes. Suddenly you’re somewhere else.

Today, after more than a dozen days in and out of hospitals and more than six different types of doctors and specialists doing tests, scans, working blood and analyzing history… the weather hasn’t gotten too much better. The sudden change has of course started to settle as a transitional norm, but the cloud cover is thick and visibility is poor. But we’re managing, adjusting… and over the next few weeks I’m sure the fog will shift. We’ll find some sun and we’ll start to see a bit more of our surroundings.

Meanwhile, here’s the thing that nearly escaped me. 

Here is what I’m learning. 

Again. ??‍♂️

The weather is going to change. And when it does, you need to know your anchors and you need to have your compass. You need your anchors to stay steady. You need your compass to get your bearings. Have direction. Without them, trouble is on the way. 

Your ANCHORS are what grounds you.

They are practices, people, routines that are unique to you and give you life, fuel your soul, hold you steady. 

Your COMPASS gives you direction.

It’s four points are not N,S,E,W but are principles, truths, and intentions for this era of your life. They remind you of who you are, what you want, where you’re going and how you roll. Together they will always point the way. Especially when its cloudy, foggy, stormy and visibility is low.

But here’s the other thing. And knowing this can save you. 

You need to these things when the sun is shining or you will lose them when the storm rolls in. 

Because when the wind, weather and waves suddenly change.. these things are often the first things to go as crisis grips your soul and urgency wins the day.

That said, there is hope if you’ve ever had them… you can still find them even while the storm rages. I have. The very fact you are reading this right now means it’s possible. Writing and journaling is one of my anchors. Sharing with others is part of my Compass.

There is so much unpack here, but let me leave you with three simple, but often hard to answer, questions.

What are your anchors?

What grounds you, gives you life, clears your mind and fuels your soul? 

Spend some time figuring that out today, tomorrow. Write them down. Know your Anchors. Practice them. You’ll be more grounded, centered and able to take on whatever comes your way.

Where’s your Compass?

The one for this era of your life. Do you have one?

What reigns supreme? Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? How do you roll? Build your compass and use it for direction. Use it when the sun is out and, you know, when it’s not. Mine is visual, full of meaningful pictures, representations and quotes. I need to keep it much more handy.

Lastly… the Weather will Change. 

If it’s bad right now, it won’t always be. Know this. It will not always be dark. The weather does change. 

If it’s sunny right now, know this too… there will be clouds. But the great news is… you don’t have to suffer it. You don’t even have to worry about it. 

You just have to know and practice your anchors.. and have that compass. You’ll get through and you’ll be strong. And the experience you have will be a story worth telling. A story worth sharing. 

Whether its cloudy, stormy or sunny… fuel your soul (your anchors) and use that compass. You will live well, decision wisely and meet whatever comes next while unleashing the life you want.

Keep a weathering eye on the horizon and let the wind fill your sails. Let’s Go.


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