15 Jan 2021
spark of insight

An Open Handed Plan to Follow Your Whispers

How are you feeling today? It’s a good day for a quick check-in. 

One of the things we’ve started doing around here are little check-ins along the course of the day. A quick check on how things are.. how we are.. how I am. Taking a short moment for a quick reflection amidst the clock, calendar, plans and actions can be hard… but oh so valuable. And pausing with someone else who is also trying to get things done and operating amidst all manner of activity, noise, (chaos at times) and things that go boom… well that can feel disruptive too, but the value (and accountability) makes doing it this way both easier and stronger. The value of that check-in goes even higher!

It’s good to pause every so often. Reflect. Feel the moment. 

You may want to try it. But you know this already.?

So let’s start again, how are you today? 

The first two weeks of the new year is nearly in the books. There was, and continues to be, crazy like we’ve never seen or experienced before. And I’m sure you’re already well into moving your life forward. Making plans, comparing what happened to what you believe should‘ve happened, and maybe even wondering if you’ve got what it takes to keep pushing those new year goals forward. 

So let’s pause for that check-in. Let’s do this together. Right now. 

Slow down for just a moment. Breathe. Put your hand on your chest and feel your heart beating. Draw in a long, slow, deep breath. Hold it in gently. Now let it out, Slowly. Fully. If you didn’t do it, do that now. There are no plans, no goals, nothing but yourself in the quietness of this particular moment.

You’re right where you’re supposed to be. That’s worth reading again. You’re right where you’re supposed to be. 

Feel it. Hear it. 

What is whispering inside? Listen for it. You sense it. Write it down.

I did.

Today, I find myself at this moment in my life feeling very different than I have before. 

My heart is wide open and yet I’m conscious of all the cracks in it. I’m conscious of the fragility of life and my own vulnerability. When I look ahead, while I do have some desires, I’m instead choosing to see a blank canvas. 

I have, for the first time in my life, an open hands plan. 

I have a heart with intentions but no detailed plan to get there. Everything in me wants to jack the motor and architect that plan. But in this moment, things are different. I’m just stepping in as the tides of time flow. And then I’m seeing where this thing goes.

As this began to dawn on me over the past two weeks, especially with the events that surround us, I had a growing sense of anxiety. 

And as I took that long deep breath to check-in with you just now, it started to terrify me. 

But now I’m surrendering to it. There is no other choice. 

I look at this year as a wide open field. I look at it as a year full of abundance and possibilities. A year waiting for adventure and discovery. A year of exploring forward, and a year of rest. I want to hold that paradox. My intention is to stand in my unknowing, even though it’s clearly uncomfortable, and to accept it and surrender to its reality.

Letting go of the need to figure everything out at once doesn’t mean we will not thrive. 

But instead of trying to think and map everything out and then comparing my every day to the way I thought it should be, I’m going to lean further into the adventure of feeling things out through the whispers of my heart. 

To feel the ebb and flow of the tides of time. 

To hear the whispers in wonderland. 

Feel the flow. Hear the whisper. Step in. 

Join in. And see where this goes. 

It’s time for my intuition, my heart, and my soul to take over. 

What’s whispering for you? I know something is. Whispers trying to cut through the noise, earnestly trying to reach your ears and spark your heart. Take the time to check-in and listen. And if you’d like to join me, feel free.. I’ll take the company. I need the company. But buckle-up as you come, because it should be the ride of a lifetime. 

Feel the flow. Hear the whisper. Step in.

Let go and let’s go.


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